What are TurboBarriers used for?

TurboBarriers are designed to cover the turbo, or the exhaust stack on all different types of small and heavy equipment. They are commonly used on cranes, excavators, front end loaders, motor graders, bulldozers, backhoes, skid steers, farm equipment and more. Just about anything that has an exhaust stack could use a TurboBarrier.


What if the machine has been running for loading?

Typically,  we advise customers to cover the exhaust with your TurboBarrier last after loading and to take it off first when it comes time to unload. TurboBarrier is tried and true when covering a warm exhaust stack but won't stand up to the heat of a running engine.

What are TurboBarriers made from?

TurboBarriers are made from Marine quality vinyl. They are currently available in black or bright orange! Each Turbo Barrier also comes with a 21 inch rubber tarp strap for easy securement. More colors and custom options are added for an additional cost.

What color options are available?

Black is a great color option because the nature of an exhaust stack is to be dirty, or sooty, so you don’t really notice if the cover gets a little dirty.

Orange is excellent because it sticks out and you’ll hopefully remember to take it along with you and not leave it behind! (these things happen to all of us)

Blue is a great addition to your fleet colors and sticks out against common equipment colors



Safety Yellow  Another great color that stands out like a sore thumb so you don't forget it

How much does shipping cost?

We charge a simple flat rate for shipping. Whether you buy 1 or 100, shipping is just $7.95 within the United States! Check with us for rates outside of the CONUS.

How are they shipped?

United States Postal Service. Most orders are filled same day or next day and you should receive your Turbo Barrier within 2-5 business days.

What if I’m not happy with my order?

I stand behind every TurboBarrier I sell! I am 100% confident that you will love your TurboBarrier but will certainly refund 100% of your money if you are truly not satisfied!

Are Quantity Discounts available?

YES contact me for 25+ orders for a special discount code