About Us

Made in the USA. For Truckers by Truckers.

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Who Makes TurboBarriers?

I do! My name is Richie and I’m a truck driver who has been hauling all sizes of equipment, from skid steers to excavators to cranes, on all types of trailers, for many years now. YES, they are made in the U.S.A. and YES I make all of them. I also answer any and all questions you have when you reach out to TurboBarrier@gmail.com

Whether it’s a step deck trailer, lowboy, beam trailer, flatbed, or landoll, I’ve hauled these wagons to all corners of the United States! I've met more great people out on the open road than I can remember.

How it all Started…

TurboBarrier evolved because out of necessity. Every time I ran out of duct tape it resulted in a frenzy to find rags, cones, 5 gallon buckets, hardhats, a rainsuit, or even electrical tape to cover the exhaust on the equipment I was hauling. I could go on but the list would be never ending.

On top of that, I got sick of fighting with duct tape in the freezing rain! It was impossible to put on with my gloves on. I knew there had to be a better way. I wasn’t sure if there was, but I knew I had the resources back at home to make a product that was easy to use.

So, I set out to make a practical cover that I could slip on and be on my way. I had some ideas from similar covers I had seen on the road but I knew there was room for improvement. After much trial and error; too big, too small, too short… I finally came up with a product I was happy with! The feedback from my customers has been great!


Who Needs One?

Anyone who has hauled any type of equipment has heard one of these infamous lines from a customer or shipper….

“Aren’t you going to cover the turbo?”
“Make sure you cover the stack”
“Don’t forget to cover the exhaust.”
“Don’t leave without covering the turbo!”

Most truckers don’t know why covering the turbo is so commonly requested, almost demanded actually, but the customer is always right! Covering the exhaust stack certainly doesn’t hurt anything!

Order Yours Now!

Impress your customer by protecting their equipment and covering their exhaust with a TurboBarrier! I know everyone who sees me put my TurboBarrier on asks where they can get themselves such a great product.

Wholesale and distributor opportunites available. Please Contact: Rich for more information. Turbobarrier@gmail.com